Amazing Argan Oil For Hair

Another lovely product review, this time it’s one found on amazon. I tend to go crazy for argan oil hair products, and I have A LOT of them, so this one in particular stood out in a very busy crowd.

I love this item for lots of reasons however the very first being it’s versatility. As a serum it’s neither thick or greasy. It can be used more generously than a pure oil, and in my viewpoint the results you get are far more rapid. The glass amber bottle looks unbelievable and the label too. It really attracts attention amongst my other hair items on my dressing table. I really am a true Olio & Crema convert.

This is an item that you have to get to know. When i used this product i had to get a feel for when i ought to put it in and how much i must use. i have really thick curly hair. the item turned out to be excellent though. i usually make use of a leave in conditioner to design my hair and use it to condition my hair. This appears to work in a similar method. It is excellent if you use a lot of heat or if you desire shine in your hair. It is also terrific to replace a hair mask if you would like to make use of an oil.

I have to confess I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the claims of charm products as the majority of them don’t meet the buzz and wind up in a drawer somewhere as a frustrating pointer of the failure. This product is among the few that backs up their claims. The distinction in my hair was obvious from the very first time I used it. My hair is softer and looks and feels healthier not to point out manageable for a change! I used to state that only my partner (bless his soul) might like me when I first stand up in the morning with my hair all wild and insane! Now when I get up in the morning the bed head coiffure has practically faded away and a fast comb makes me much easier to look at for my spouse! Love this item!

Love Love … I had and I say had dry hair from hair dyers, curling and straight iron, I have and had actually attempted various products. But argan oil is genuinely magic. A little bit in my hand to smooth through my hair and my hair looks extremely terrific. Feels soft and the sparkle is remarkable. I can run my hand in my hair and it feels wonderful. I have actually had tons of people say exactly how great my hair now looks. Ladies if you are in the market for an excellent hair product this is the one to purchase.

After utilizing the serum almost a month, myself and others saw a huge distinction in the look, feel and appeal of my dull, dry lifeless looking hair. I am grateful I wandered off from my typical regimens of conditioners, hot oil treatments, you name it! I have combo hair/dry last 3/4 parts, with oily scalp. Olio & Crema serum assisted moisture lock the dry without influencing or intensifying my scalp oil amount! Pleased!

Best Beard Oil!

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil Review

So my bloke a few months ago decided to grow a beard. At first I was like “ew” this is gross, it was so stringy and also smelly! He was very reluctant to get rid of it. It was like he was making a huge point by just keeping it!

He’s a musician with a cool 20′s hair cut so I guess it suits him! It’s funny though as his grandma didn’t recognise him when he recently went to visit! haha! Oh well.

Anyway, I was looking on for something to maybe help soften his beard as it was always very bristly and sharp on my face!

And wow – I never thought something like this would exist but check out Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil

The oil is great value for money, I had a quick browse around and it was by far the cheapest. The other oils on Amazon were as expensive as £6.99 per 10ml! I was quite shocked as Percy Nobleman Beard Oil is GREAT value for money at 1.99 per 10ml. Not to say I’m a cheap skate, it’s just great to know you’re getting a good deal.

Added bonus to that, and you can get 25% off with code BeardOil

Now finally to the product, not that I can test this myself but I’ve had some amazing feedback from my boyfriend.

His beard has grown a lot! Wow. They don’t advertise this but he was very pleased, reading into this further it seems it has something to do with the Jojoba Oils.

Apart from that the texture of his beard has improved a lot. He’s been using it every day and it helps to keep everything in order and it’s a lot softer, which in turn is nice for me!

The scent of the oil isn’t strong or overpowering, which is a good thing as he loves his aftershave.

More more info on beards and other great products head to

All the best, and girls if you’re feeling nice, go and treat your man!

VV x

Fantastic Store for Dog Beds and More..!

Give a Dog a Bed – New online store!

Big “hi” to all Victrola Victrola readers. First proper post on this new site. Was browsing through the web trying to find a new store to buy a bed for my beloved dog! Percy (my dog) is quite picky so I’m always cautious that I get the *right* bed, and not just any old tat!

I stumbled across this youtube video on 5 things to consider before buying a dog bed.

The young man on the video was quite the charmer and that was it, I used the coupon on the video and bought a snuggle bed for Percy!

The bed arrived so quickly and it’s perfect. Such great quality and it really looks at home in my living room.

I was really pleased with the whole transaction so wanted to give everyone a heads up that Give a dog a bed is a great place to buy your dog beds. That was a link if you hadn’t noticed!

Here’s a quick snap of the dog bed I chose! dog beds

Ohhh and last’s the useful coupon if any of my readers fancy using it! And NO this isn’t an affiliate link…TRXB9WFR

It’s a banging 15% off!

Just a short and sweet update from me today…here are the 5 things Give a Dog A Bed tell you consider before buying your bed..

(1) How does your dog sleep?
(2) Does your dog have occasional mishaps?
(3) How old is your dog?
(4) What is the bed going to be used for?
(5) What is your budget?

and my answers..

(1) All day every day
(3) 1
(4) Umm sleeping and eating I think!
(5) Under £100

Over and out!

VV x